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Surrogacy Legal for Unmarried Couple in UAE

The UAE has recently made significant changes to its fertility laws, including the legalization of surrogacy under specific conditions. This shift marks a notable transformation in the country's approach to reproductive rights, aligning with broader goals of tolerance, inclusivity, and support for diverse family structures.

Couples in the UAE now have more flexibility when it comes to using IVF and preserving embryos and eggs, thanks to recently relaxed regulations. Previously, egg freezing was only allowed for married couples, but since 2021, this restriction has been lifted. As a result, more couples, whether married or not, can pursue parenthood. Embryos and eggs can be preserved for up to five years, with potential extensions available based on specific circumstances.


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This change addresses the needs of a growing number of unmarried, non-Muslim couples in the country, reflecting a shift towards more inclusive family planning options. By allowing more partners to become parents, the UAE not only supports individual desires for the family but also aims to boost medical tourism and strengthen the local economy.

Key Aspects of the New Surrogacy Law:

  1. Removal of Surrogacy Ban :Recent updates to the law have removed the clause that criminalized surrogacy, making it legal for another woman to carry a child for a non-Muslim couple in certain situations. Couples must obtain consent from UAE regulators before proceeding with a surrogate, but once approved, the procedure can take place. Although some restrictions remain, this change provides an option that was previously unavailable to couples in the UAE.
  2. Eligibility for Surrogacy :Surrogacy is now allowed for non-Muslim couples who are unable to conceive naturally. However, the use of sperm or egg donors outside the couple is still prohibited, meaning the genetic material must come from the intended parents.
    The surrogate must be a UAE citizen or resident between the ages of 25 and 35, with a clean medical and criminal record, and must be physically and mentally capable of carrying the pregnancy to term.
  3. Regulation and Safeguards:Surrogacy and other fertility treatments must be conducted at licensed clinics. Each emirate's relevant regulatory body will oversee the process to ensure ethical practices and the protection of all parties involved.
  4. Access for Non-Muslim Unmarried Couples :The new regulations also extend to non-Muslim unmarried couples, who can now access IVF and other assisted reproduction services upon approval from the relevant authorities. This reflects a significant move towards inclusivity and support for non-traditional family structures.
  5. Egg-Freezing and IVF :The laws around egg freezing have been relaxed, allowing unmarried women to freeze their eggs, with the possibility of extending the storage period beyond the initial five years. This change is part of a broader effort to provide women with more control over their reproductive futures.

Implications and Benefits

  • Inclusivity and Tolerance:The updated laws cater to the diverse population in the UAE, supporting both married and unmarried non-Muslim couples in their family planning efforts.
  • Economic Boost:These changes are expected to attract medical tourism, contributing to the UAE's economy by drawing international clients seeking fertility treatments.
  • Reduction in Infertility Stigma:By enabling more open discussions about reproductive health, the new laws aim to reduce the stigma associated with infertility

These legislative updates not only provide more options for family planning within the UAE but also aim to attract international talent and support economic growth through medical tourism. The changes are expected to reduce the stigma around infertility and encourage more open discussions about reproductive health.

For those interested in surrogacy or other fertility treatments, it is crucial to understand the detailed requirements and regulations in place and to seek support from licensed and reputable healthcare providers.


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