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Expert public relation officer

Ahmed Hassan

Ahmed Hassan is a seasoned public relations specialist, dedicated to supporting all immigration transactions with years of experience. As a Government PRO (Public Relations Officer), his expertise ensures smooth and efficient processing of residence permits and full visa support for individuals and businesses.
Ahmed Hassan's extensive experience in the field of public relations has equipped him with the skills and knowledge to handle a wide range of immigration needs. Whether you require assistance with residence permits or complete visa support, Ahmed provides personalized and professional services tailored to your specific requirements.
Navigating the complexities of obtaining a residence permit can be challenging. Ahmed Hassan's in-depth understanding of the process ensures that all necessary documentation is accurately prepared and submitted, streamlining the approval process and minimizing delays.
Full Visa Support: From initial application to final approval, Ahmed Hassan offers comprehensive visa support services. His attention to detail and thorough knowledge of immigration regulations guarantee that your visa application is handled with the utmost care, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.
With Ahmed Hassan's expert support, you can confidently navigate the immigration process, knowing that you have a dedicated professional managing every aspect of your visa and residence permit requirements.


Maimoona Fatima

Maimoona Fatima is a highly qualified lawyer with a Master's degree in Corporate Law and over 12 years' experience in the legal field. She specialises in litigation in a variety of areas, including:
Commercial Law: Fatima has extensive experience in handling cases involving contractual disputes,
intellectual property issues, corporate restructuring and insolvency.

Associate lawyer

Kadyrov Bakhodur

Provides comprehensive legal services for business establishment and management, ensuring strict compliance with legislation. Professional knowledge in criminal law enables effective resolution of complex legal issues. Specializes in legal support for transactions and resolution of disputes related to real estate, ensuring legal security and protection of clients' interests.